I recently joined IMDEA and looking for talented Ph.D. students and interns to work with.


My current open projects focus on how to establish Liquid Haskell as a practical and useful theorem prover. Ideas I would like to explore include:

My passion is functional programing and practical program verification, so I am happy to discuss new research ideas in any of these directions.


If you want to apply for a Ph.D. position you are required to have an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or a closely related area and have strong interest in functional programming.


The IMDEA Software Institute is ranked among the best european institutes in the areas of Programming Languages and Computer Security. Located in the Montegancedo Science and Technology Park it perfectly combines the sunny and vibrant city of Madrid with cutting edge research and competitive salaries.

How to apply?

To apply send me an email at niki.vazou@imdea.org with your CV and submit an online application at IMDEA’s open positions.