Research Assistant Professor
IMDEA Software Institute Madrid, Spain

Email : niki.vazou at
Office : 384

Curriculum Vitae

¡¡ I am looking for a post-doc, Ph.D. and interns !!

I am looking for motivated students to work in the area of type systems, SMT-automated verification and theorem proving, and Haskell. Feel free to contact me for more details!

About Me

As of Nov. 2018 I am an Assistant Professor at IMDEA. I started my computer science education in NTUA, Athens, Greece. I got my Ph.D. from UCSD, San Diego where I developed Liquid Haskell, as described in my Ph.D. thesis. After that, I spend some time as a postdoctoral fellow at University of Maryland.

My research interests include refinement types, automated program verification, and type systems and my goal is to make theorem proving a useful part of mainstream programming. Liquid Haskell is an SMT-based, refinement type checker for Haskell programs that has been used for various applications ranging from fully automatic light verification of Haskell code, e.g., bound checking, to sophisticated theorem proving, e.g., non-interference.