The project will happen at the second half of the semester. The goal of the project is to give you some realistic experience of Haskell development and pair programming. You are expected to work in pairs and spend at least 30 hours in the project.

Project Ideas

You can implement any Haskell project you wish. If you think your idea is unrealistic, discuss it with the instructor or the TA. Here are some ideas:

Project Evaluation

The project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Tue, 10/10: Project Registration

You need to create a github repository for your project, write a file that describes your goals and write your names and the github link to the this document.

Tue, 10/17: Project Proposal

You will give a 5 min description of your project.

Tue, 11/07: Project Updates

You will give a 5 min description of your progress:

Tue, 12/05: Project Presentation

You will give a 10 min description of your project.